Ambasadori WISE

Whether travelling abroad or looking to support your local social sector, you can always help us develop! Ambassadors support great nonprofits and community-based projects by connecting them with our platform and helping other travellers develop the local communities. Feel free to apply if you find yourself in the following situations:

Support great charities by taking photographs and videos of their facilities, activities, and surrounding landscape or share your existing travel images with us so we can provide better content for our travellers.

Enhance the mission of impactful non-profit organizations by sharing their unique stories with the world: write blog posts, review visits, tell the stories of local individuals and communities, or recount your social travel adventure. 

Identify and help onboard / connect new charities in our donation program. Whether you are exploring abroad or discovering new communities in your home area, you’re a traveller contributing to our global network!

Ambassadors are featured on our websites and social media outlets. Features include your picture, title, work description, and links to your personal websites/blogs. We encourage ambassadors to use our network both to promote causes they care about, but creating a better experience for our customers.

Current WISE ambassadors

Radu Paltineanu – Adventurer & Long Distance Touring Cyclist (Romania)

Canadian-Romanian, mountaineer, cyclist and blogger, Radu is above all, passionate about adventure and travel. If in 2013 he went from Scandinavia to Eastern Europe (via Russia) on a bicycle (over 2,400 km) to create awareness about the mining project at Roşia Montană. The year that followed, made him hitchhike from France to Iran.

At the end of the 14,000-kilometer expedition between Paris and Teheran, Radu organizes an ascent on the Damavand Peak (5671 m), the highest volcanic peak in Asia, starting the „7 Volcanic Summits” project.

In 2015, Radu proposed a more ambitious project, namely to be the first Romanian to cross the Americas on a bicycle, from Alaska to the south of Argentina, pedalling through all the northern, central and South American countries. In short, this means over 34,000 km of pedalling (initially the project included only 24,000 km north-south direction), 22 countries (+1 territory) (initially the project included only 14 countries) and many difficulties and obstacles.

Moreover, within the same expedition, Radu took two spectacular ascents on the highest volcanic peak of North America, Orizaba (5636 m) and on the highest volcanic peak of South America, Oyos del Salado (6893 m).

Learn more about Radu at or on Facebook,